Implant treatment

The restorative dentistry unit at the Dental Hospital currently provides dental implant treatment for patients meeting the following criteria and where the rest of the mouth has been well maintained:

  • As part of reconstructive treatment following surgery for cancer of the mouth
  • Patients who have lost teeth due to trauma which was not through their own volition
  • Patients who never grew their teeth in the first place (hypodontia of multiple missing teeth)
  • Patients with severe denture intolerance where clinically excellent dentures have been provided previously and all other avenues of care have been addressed
  • Patients who have lost teeth due to aggressive periodontitis, after the condition has be stabilized and treated

The above criteria have been adopted as advised by the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Faculty of Dental Surgery.

We do not accept patients on grounds of cost or with any drug (including heavy smokers) or alcohol misuse.