Paediatric acceptance criteria

Referrals are accepted from dentists, general medical practitioners, paediatricians, and other medical and dental specialists.

If your patient lives in a London borough:

You should refer your patient to community dental services (CDS) using the CDS referral form 98KB

If your patient lives outside of London:

Please download the  out of area paediatric dental referral form, complete and send to:

High and medium priority patients will be accepted for management and treatment by staff or postgraduate students if there is the capacity at the time.

Patients are considered high priority:          

  • medically compromised - organ transplant, leukaemia, immunosuppressed, AIDS, cancer, cystic fibrosis, ASA III
  • special needs with behavioural problems such as autism needing GA and in pain
  • recent dento-alveolar trauma requiring urgent attention
  • complex dento-alveolar trauma i.e. pulp therapy of teeth with immature apices, root fracture, root resorption
  • tooth structural defects – enamel hypoplasia, amelogenesis imperfecta and dentinogenesis imperfecta
  • dental anomalies i.e hypodontia and supernumeraries
  • surgical procedures i.e. removal of supernumerary teeth, impacted teeth, infra occluded teeth, or exposure and bonding of canines.
  • cleft lip and palate
  • early onset periodontal disease
  • pathological lesions of hard or soft tissue requiring diagnosis and/ or biopsy

Patients considered medium priority: 

  • serious medical condition - severe asthma, uncontrolled epilepsy, cardiac abnormalities, ASA II
  • management of caries for children under 6 years old
  • patients > 6 years needing GA and multiple extractions
  • patients needing GA for dental treatment when conventional behaviour management techniques have failed
  • children with severe anxiety or phobia

Patients requiring emergency dental care:

An emergency “walk in” service is available to provide relief of acute pain, swelling or post-dental trauma. Children registered with a dentist should seek care from their own dentist in the first instance. Undergraduate and  postgraduate students may both examine and  treat patients on the emergency clinic. Referrals should be not be sent for non-urgent referrals.

Patients who are not routinely accepted for treatment: 

  • We do not accept patients requiring oral hygiene instruction alone or simple orthodontic extractions.
  • Molar endodontics for children will not routinely be carried out. We will provide a consultation regarding the value of early extraction and balanced extraction of first permanent molars. Children will generally be referred back should RCT be required.