Prosthodontics acceptance criteria

All referrals for periodontitis must include all of the following:

  • An accurately recorded BPE and where the score is four in any sextant must be accompanied by a full six point pocket chart.
  • Diagnostic radiographs of the affected sites clearly demonstrating periodontal bone levels (originals or print-outs of diagnostic quality) except for complete dentures.

Failure to include any part of the above in the referral will lead to rejection and delay in your patients care.

Acceptance criteria

Those patients likely to be accepted for consultation are patients with:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning of complex prosthodontics cases - We are unable to see patients with multiple failing crown and bridgework.
  • Patients with complete denture problems after a reasonable attempt to make well-constructed dentures in a primary care setting.
  • Complex partial denture cases.
  • Severe tooth wear cases – Many cases will be treatment planned and will be returned to General Practice for treatment.
  • Complex occlusal problems – This does not include temporomandibular joint disorders or facial pain.
  • Head and neck cancer patients: we are part of the multi-disciplinary team for Head and Neck cancer service covering North and East London. Referrals are accepted for comprehensive restorative treatment planning for patients prior to undergoing or have undergone surgical resection and/or radiotherapy to the jaws and oral structures due to cancer.
  • Hypodontia: unfortunately these patients can not automatically be offered orthodontics or implant therapy and must be seen by a restorative consultant.
  • Cleft palate patients: The Department of Restorative Dentistry at Barts Health Dental Hospital is the core provider of restorative/prosthodontic care for cleft lip and/or palate in the North Thames region. As a member of the North Thames regional Cleft Lip and Palate team we accept referrals from our colleagues at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Chelmsford Hospital. We are also able accept referrals for adult patients with cleft lip and/or palate requiring restorative/prosthodontic advice or treatment directly from General Dental Practitioners.
  • Severe enamel or dentine maturation problems (amelogenesis or dentinogenesis imperfecta, fluorosis, severe tetracycline staining).

Patients will not be accepted for specialist periodontal treatment if:

  • Poor/inadequate oral hygiene, calculus deposits and where there has been no attempt at disease control.
  • Untreated primary disease, e.g. caries, retained roots.
  • For re treatment of crown and bridgework of any sort.
  • With implant work carried out at any other centre or practice.
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders.
  • For cosmetic dentistry of any sort.
  • For reasons of cost.

Completed restorative referal form 36KB should be sent to: