Sedation acceptance criteria

Intravenous sedation will only be offered to patients over 16 years of age (or competent adolescents aged 14 years and over) and who are deemed to be appropriate for this treatment modality after a full assessment by a sedation dentist.

The range of treatment available under conscious sedation is limited to basic conservative care and extractions. Endodontic treatment of posterior teeth will not be undertaken. Advanced restorative treatment (including crowns and bridges) will not be provided under IV sedation*.

Patients will be accepted for sedation if the patient:

  • is ASA I, II and III.
  • has moderate to severe dental anxiety.
  • has a gag reflex that limits dental treatment with behaviour management alone.
  • has learning disabilities that reduces the patient’s cooperation with dental treatment.
  • has an involuntary movement disorder that affects the safe provision of dental care.

*exceptions may apply at the discretion of the sedation dentist.

Referred patients who will not receive a consultation appointment for sedation.

Referrals may not be accepted for sedation if the patient:

  • can be best managed by the community dental services.
  • is ASA IV and above.
  • requires intravenous sedation and has no suitable escorts to accompany them to the appointment and look after them post operatively.
  • is pregnant.
  • is referred for endodontic treatment in molar teeth.
  • is referred for crown and bridge work.

Please refer your pateint to the relevant service i.e. Paediatrics for children, Restorative and Oral surgery.