Your care

Your care

Cardiac patients

Patients with prosthetic heart valves, a previous history of endocarditis and other heart problems are advised to see their local dentist regularly for preventative therapy, routine care and maintenance.

Antibiotics should not be prescribed before dental treatment but prevention of acute and chronic dental infections is very important for patients with cardiac problems to prevent a serious condition known as bacterial endocarditis so regular check ups and good oral hygiene and dental care is essential.

Conscious sedation

This clinic is supervised by staff who are experienced in the provision of conscious sedation. Conscious sedation techniques may be helpful for patients who are particularly anxious about dental treatment. It can also help some patients with gagging problems and movement disorders.

Only simple dental treatment is provided. We do not provide root canal treatment on back teeth or crowns or bridges on this clinic. The provision of dentures will be limited to patients who have problems with impressions.

If you are referred for treatment, you may be offered an appointment on our assessment clinic. Your suitability for conscious sedation will be assessed and discussed with you. We offer two types of conscious sedation in the Dental Hospital: inhalational sedation and intravenous sedation using a drug called Midazolam. For intravenous sedation, it is essential that patients bring a suitable escort who will wait while treatment is carried out and accompany the patient home and look after them for the rest of the day. We cannot offer conscious sedation to those patients who are difficult to sedate, such as those who have problems with this in the past.

If you wish to be considered for dental treatment with us under conscious sedation you will need to have a referral from your own dentist. We do not provide emergency dental treatment under conscious sedation.

Please note that we cannot accept all patients for treatment. Restorative dental treatment using conscious sedation is provided on an undergraduate teaching clinic during term time only.

General anaesthesia

We offer a limited general anaesthesia service for patients with severe learning difficulties.

If it is not possible to carry out an examination at the assessment appointment, then this will be carried out under general anaesthesia. Only simple restorative treatment can be provided which will include cleaning and fillings, multiple extractions may be indicated.

At the assessment appointment, treatment will be discussed with the patient where possible and with the family and carers involved where appropriate. Where possible, we may to be able to offer this group of patients treatment under conscious sedation.

Referrals will only be accepted from our colleagues in the community dental services. Once treatment is completed, patients will be discharged back to the care of the commmunity dental services for their oral health reviews to include maintenance as required.

Please note that this service is not for anxious adults.

Patients with haemophilia

Patients with haemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders should see a local dentist regularly for preventative therapy, routine care and maintenance they do not need to be seen in a hospital setting except for:

  • Dental extractions, dental surgery including periodontal treatment.
  • Procedures requiring an inferior dental block or lingual infiltration injections should be referred to the Dental Hospital.

Transplant patients

Patients who have organ transplants may experience swelling of their gums and should be referred to the Dental Hospital.

Routine treatment can and should be carried out in general practice.