Referring to our cleft service

Acceptance criteria 

A fully comprehensive service, for children and adults, who are diagnosed with a cleft lip and/or palate. Our MDT team includes: consultant orthodontists from Barts Health and Great Ormond Street Hospital, a consultant maxillofacial surgeon from Great Ormond Street Hospital/University College Hospital and a restorative consultant from Barts Health. Our team also involves a clinical psychologist and speech and language therapist from Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust.

Patients with complex allied craniofacial and medical conditions will be seen on the MDT clinics at Great Ormond Street Hospital (aged 16 or under) or at University College Hospital (aged 16 and over).

Care pathway 

All patients referred to Barts Health will have their letters vetted internally by a consultant and will be seen for comprehensive records and assessment of their needs before on the MDT clinic.

Referrals from consultant orthodontists from outside Barts Health for restorative care only will be booked directly on to the MDT clinic.

To refer to this service please complete our orthodontic referral form [docx] 39KB